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Without a doubt, landscaping is hard work. It requires manual labor, significant amounts of time, and management of customer expectations. There are challenges at every turn. At TURF TEQ, we’re driven to help lawn and landscaping companies overcome obstacles that stand in article

At TURF TEQ, we know that a successful landscaping business depends on two things: Doing an exceptional job for customers. Doing work as time-efficiently and cost-effectively as possible That’s why we’ve designed our machines to produce results that will impress customers while article

In today’s competitive marketplace, landscapers are looking for every advantage they can muster to stay a step ahead of the competition. And one big advantage is our line of professional-grade landscaping machines. They help groundscare pros work faster, increase profitability, and create article

Summer is here! It’s the time of year when homeowners and businesses are gearing up to make their landscapes outshine the rest. Having professional landscaping equipment that’s reliable, versatile, easy-to-use, and fast can make all the difference when trying to keep up with article

Finding ways to optimize your team’s time is a necessity whether you manage a landscaping company or work in grounds maintenance for just about any organization. And at TURF TEQ, we design our commercial landscaping equipment to help you do just that! article

Besides our self-propelled walking-forward Power Edger, TURF TEQ also makes edger attachments for two of the best riding lawn mower brands on the market. With our dedication to quality and close relationships with these lawn care legends, our edger attachments for Walker article

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