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TURF TEQ is a leading manufacturer of professional grounds care equipment. For over 13 years we’ve been designing, manufacturing and selling rugged, reliable and versatile equipment that helps landscaping pros turn their valuable time into increased profits for their businesses.

At TURF TEQ, our professional landscaping equipment is recognized worldwide as a top choice in a very crowded field. However, our line of products stands above the rest because it has been engineered with working professionals in mind. Here are the three distinct advantages that TURF TEQ equipment offers over other manufacturers.

Exceptional Results, Faster

No other professional landscaping product performs as precisely or as quickly as a TURF TEQ. That means happier clients and picture perfect landscapes as well as greater productivity and higher profitability.

Operator-Friendly Design

Our “walk-forward” self-propelled tractor features a powerful engine, a variable speed hydrostatic transmission, and all controls easily accessible at the operator’s position. No more dragging unwieldy equipment backwards to operate, squatting to get to hard-to-reach controls or fighting up a steep grade.

Multi-Use Flexibility

TURF TEQ products are available as complete multi-use machines, complete dedicated-use machines, and as attachments that will work with any of our other multi-use machines. Quickly change attachments to make the most of your investment no matter what the season.

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