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Power Broom

Sweep Debris, Clear Snow & Dethatch Turf Fast

  • Complete machine with Briggs engine + attachment: $7,550
  • Complete machine with Honda engine + attachment: $7,950
  • Attachment only price: $3,750
  • Machines typically ship within 48 hours

The TURF TEQ Power Broom is the best way to easily sweep debris from just about any surface. It can clean all types of hard and textured surfaces, sweep and dethatch turf and even make quick work of snow. The bottom line – our Power Broom lets you do more work faster, with less manpower, increasing profitability for your business.

The Power Broom features an on-the-go differential lock for exceptional traction and productivity, and the hydrostatic transmission allows you to adjust ground speed to meet heavy or light sweeping needs. The Power Broom also makes changing directions quick and easy, improving productivity while reducing operator fatigue. This makes it a must-have piece of equipment for professional grounds care crews.

Why Turf Teq?
  • Work faster without sacrificing results
  • Do more projects with less manpower
  • 33% more sweeping area to get jobs done faster
  • Denser bristles for more sweeping power & longer brush life
  • Higher horsepower for maximum results
  • Adjustable down-force to extend brush life
  • Easy-lifting brush for faster transport & less brush wear
  • Heavy-duty steel construction for 3x the machine lifespan
  • The most efficient power broom on the market
  • Multi-use flexibility to maximize your investment
  • Proven reliability for experienced landscapers
  • Higher productivity, lower long-term cost, and better profitability for your business
  • Sweeping hardscapes
  • Removing snow
  • Sweeping debris from turf
  • Dethatching lawns
  • Sweeping sand in pavers
  • Blossoming artificial turf
  • Installing and leveling filler in artificial turf
  • Cleaning sidewalks, driveways, parking lots & sports fields
  • Construction Site Clean up
  • Saving time
  • Reducing manpower needs
  • Increasing productivity
  • 46” wide, 18” diameter brush
  • Adjustable brush speed, pressure & angle
  • Brush pivots 15 degrees left and right
  • Tight turning radius
  • Honda GXV390 or Briggs & Stratton 344cc engines available
  • Variable-speed, hydrostatic transmission with locking differential
  • Controls at the operator’s position
  • Compatible with all Turf Teq multi-use attachments
  • Available as a stand-alone unit and as a multi-use broom attachment
  • Friendly, expert support
  • Comprehensive 1-Year warranty
  • Made in the USA with high-quality steel components


1) Engine: Honda GVX390

  • Oil: 1.1 Quart 10w-30
  • Single cylinder 4-stroke gasoline engine.
  • 390cc Displacement
  • 17.8lb-ft Torque
  • Splash/Pressure Lubrication with oil filter
  • Recoil Start

2) Transmission: Hydrostatic Tuff Torq K62

  • Power Forward/Reverse
  • Oil: 10w-30
  • Torque Rating: 217lb-ft
  • Top Speed 4.5MPH
  • Locking Differential

3) Attachment Power: Mechanical Clutch/Brake to belt drive. NORAM Clutch

Frame Specs

1) Schedule 40 welded steel tube

2) Powder Coated frame

3) Multi-use Tractor can be used for other attachments

Machine Features

1) Max snow removal depth 5”

2) Brush Pivots 16 degrees left/right. 32 degrees of total movement

3) Transmission features differential lock

4) Floating brush head with spring controlled down pressure

5) Polyethylene caster wheels located behind brush head

6) Hood can be easily lifted out of the way for service

7) Single piece welded broom hood

8) Liquid ballast filled drive tire

9) Lift Handle to raise/lower brush head for transport.

10) 2.5 Gallon Fuel Tank.

Brush Specifications

1) 46” wide Polypropylene – Single piece Brush

2) 18” Diameter

Machine Dimensions

1) 510LBs Curb Weight

2) 74”L x 53”W x 44”H


Multi-Use Flexibility

The TURF TEQ Power Broom is available as a complete multi-use machine and as a broom attachment that will work with all other TURF TEQ multi-use products. Quickly change attachments to make the most out of your investment no matter what the season. Learn more about multi-use flexibility.

“What a great machine! It did a great job of removing the thatch and leaving the desirable turf undisturbed without making a huge mess of the lawn and limiting the debris that has to be hauled off. “
P.J. Binder – Turf Magazine Field Test Report

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