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Professional landscapers and facility managers know that keeping a property looking its best requires year-round attention. From mowing to leaf clean-up to snow removal, maintaining a high-quality landscape is a 12-month undertaking. At TURF TEQ, our line of professional landscaping equipment covers article

The list of projects can be nearly endless when maintaining the grounds at universities, parks, corporate campuses, and other facilities with substantial property to maintain. And that can put a significant strain on your staff and your budget. That’s why we’ve engineered article

Providing customers with best-in-class equipment to help them accomplish the most challenging projects is at the heart of every successful rental business. That’s why TURF TEQ has designed our professional-grade grounds care and snow removal equipment to provide versatility and high performance. article

Running a successful landscaping company can’t happen if you don’t provide quality services and work as efficiently as possible. Both of those essential characteristics depend on having the right tools for each and every job. At TURF TEQ, we understand the challenges article

Our friends at Overthehedgerow are landscaping pros inside and out. And they love a machine that they affectionately describe as “the swiss army knife of gardening” – the TURF TEQ Multi-Use Power Edger. Check out this great review recently posted to Facebook. article

Edging is an annual ritual for all professional landscapers, and the TURF TEQ Power Edger is a piece of equipment that gets the job done quickly and perfectly. With various blade profiles available, it can open beds, groom perfect edges and even trench. Check article

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