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Providing customers with best-in-class equipment to help them accomplish the most challenging projects is at the heart of every successful rental business. That’s why TURF TEQ has designed our professional-grade grounds care and snow removal equipment to provide versatility and high performance. article

Running a successful landscaping company can’t happen if you don’t provide quality services and work as efficiently as possible. Both of those essential characteristics depend on having the right tools for each and every job. At TURF TEQ, we understand the challenges article

One of the most important features of our line of professional landscaping equipment is the fact that TURF TEQ machines are available three ways: As complete dedicated-use machines As complete multi-use machines As attachments that will work with all other TURF TEQ article

Right from the customer’s mouth! Check out this video featuring Glenn Rieker of MKEGreenworks explaining the benefits of using the Turf Teq Power Edger. According to Glenn, the Power Edger can do in a minute what he can do in an hour article

When DIY Network and their “Cool Tools” production team learned about our Power Brush Cutter, they had to feature it! The TURF TEQ Power Brush Cutter offers a couple of really distinct advantages over competing products. First, it has a 28-inch wide article

We’re really proud to have the folks from DIY Network feature our TURF TEQ Power Edger on their “Cool Tools” show. Our edger is a unique machine. It is the only “forward-walking” bed opener on the market, and it can groom, edge article

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