Changing TURF TEQ Multi-Use Attachments Is As Easy As 1, 2, 3!

One of the most important features of our line of professional landscaping equipment is the fact that TURF TEQ machines are available three ways:

  1. As complete dedicated-use machines
  1. As complete multi-use machines
  1. As attachments that will work with all other TURF TEQ multi-use products

This means that when you buy a multi-use machine, you can quickly change attachments to make the most out of your investment no matter what the season. With a few simple steps, your Power Broom can become an Edger, your Power Rake can become a Brush Cutter, and more! All you need is one multi-use machine and whichever attachments you find useful.

So just how easy is it to change attachments on TURF TEQ multi-use machines? Read below for simple step-by-step instructions. We’ve heard that most attachments can be changed in under ten minutes, once you get the hang of it.

First, before you get started, make sure to consult and review your owner’s manual. Every attachment is slightly different, and the following steps are for illustration only. Once you familiarize yourself with our product, begin by first removing the attachment cover.




Once the attachment cover is removed, remove the drive belt. In order to remove the drive belt, you must release the tension lever. Remember, some attachments include a pin to hold the tensioner open while you remove the belt.




Slip the drive belt off of the engine. You should leave the belt connected to the attachment. Each attachment does include its own belt.




After you slip the drive belt off of the engine, the steel H-plate needs to be taken off by first removing the necessary cotter pin.




Use a ¾” socket wrench to complete the next step. Take your socket and remove the front bolt. Once the front bolt is removed, loosen the rear bolt. You just have to make sure the rear bolt is loose; do not fully remove it.




You’re almost there! Once the front bolt is removed the machine will bow into two distinct parts. Pull the tractor backwards, away from the attachment, and you’re done! Repeat these steps in reverse order to install whichever attachment you’ll be using next.




So there you have it! Changing attachments on a TURF TEQ machine is just that simple. And when you can change attachments in under ten minutes, you’ll be able to maximize efficiency and make the most of your investment no matter what the season.

As always, if you have questions about TURF TEQ Multi-Use products, please contact us today. We look forward to hearing from you and answering all of your questions!


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