The Best Kept Secret in the Landscaping Industry – The Power Rake


At TURF TEQ, our power rake machine is one of the best kept secrets in the professional landscaping industry. Nobody else makes a machine quite like it, and although it looks like a traditional dethatcher, it really is so much more.

Whereas traditional dethathers are not designed to scuff the dirt and overseed, ours digs out thatch and preps the lawn for overseeding. This is an important distinction!

Thanks to welded teeth instead of pivoting flails, our power rake acts like a really aggressive dethatcher. And it’s designed to dig. It’s the perfect tool – and possibly the only tool – that will both prep a lot for hydro seeding and also prep existing turf for repair.

There are two main uses for our power rake, read on to learn about them.

1. Preparation for hydroseeding, new seeding or sod installation

Our power rake features welded teeth, and the attachments themselves pivot to achieve various angles relative to the turf being raked. It also features an adjustable depth setting that will allow you to most effectively prepare your seedbed. This means preparation for hydroseeding or sod installation is a breeze, and it’s easy to achieve perfect results every time. Even tough compacted soil and vehicle tracks are no match for the rake’s heavy drum. With adjustable angle depth and speed you can find a setting to overcome any conditions.

2. Existing turf renovation and reconditioning

Our machine’s welded drum is designed to dig – but it is “turf-friendly” as well. This unique feature means that you won’t do any damage to an existing lawn while driving the machine over the lawn to reach the spot you wish to renovate.

Best of all, our power rake’s small size mean that it will fit on smaller lot sizes where a traditional tractor-mounted attachment or skid steer won’t fit. Many homebuilders and landscapers love the power rake specifically because of its high output and compact footprint. It makes prepping, renovating and repairing turf easy and fast.

If you have any questions about TURF TEQ and our power rake, please contact us today. We look forward to hearing from you and answering all of your questions.

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