Watch TURF TEQ Professional Landscaping Equipment In Action

No matter how much we write or how much people talk about TURF TEQ’s professional landscaping equipment’s features and benefits, we realize it may not be enough to make everyone understand its capabilities and value.

Sometimes, seeing is believing. And that’s OK! That’s why we’ve filmed our TURF TEQ machines doing what they do best.

Check out the following videos to see our landscaping equipment in action, and contact us today to request a quote on any of these machines.

Commercial Grade Power Broom
Our Power Broom can tackle a wide variety of groundskeeping jobs, like dethatching lawns, removing snow, leveling filler in artificial turf, blossoming artificial turf, and sweeping debris from sidewalks and sports fields. The possibilities are nearly endless!

Walking Forward Bed Edger
With a TURF TEQ Power Edger, you can accomplish a multitude of tasks with precision. Create and redefine landscaping beds, edge sidewalks, cut trenches, contour tree circles, and more.

Commercial Grade Box Rake
What can you do with the versatile TURF TEQ Power Rake? A lot! Pulverize and mix soil, renovate lawns, rework dead grass areas, repair damaged sod, and the list goes on.

Commercial Grade Brush Cutter
Our full-featured Power Brush Cutter can take on tough tasks that a mower can’t. Mow thick vegetation with ease, clear brush and overgrowth, clear a trail, and more. Our Power Brush Cutter will stand up to whatever challenge you have in store!

All of the above are available as dedicated-use machines and/or multi-use machines that do it all. We’ve engineered them for power, precision, and superior performance. They have a commercial-grade Honda engine, tight turning radius, variable-speed hydrostatic transmission with locking differential, and easy-to-access controls. With their self-propelled, walk-forward design, they help you get the job done faster and with less physical effort.

And all of our machines are made right here in the U.S.A. with the highest quality parts and a strong steel frame to ensure durability year after year.

Ready to put the power of TURF TEQ to work for your business? Talk with us today about how they can help you work faster and more profitably!


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