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The Advantages of Multi-Use Technology For Your Landscaping Business

Multi-use versatility is one of the traits that make TURF TEQ commercial landscaping equipment so effective and efficient. Because TURF TEQ machines can go from Power Edger to Power Rake to Power Broom to Brush Cutter by simply changing attachments, they deliver some significant advantages to the businesses that put them on the job.

Three Big Benefits of TURF TEQ Multi-Use Landscaping Machines

1. They save businesses money.
Rather than invest in individual pieces of equipment for each groundskeeping task, you can buy one TURF TEQ machine and gain the capability to tackle virtually any job. Our equipment has attachments that work for spring, summer, fall, and winter jobs. From opening flower beds to dethatching lawns to removing snow, it has all the bases covered.

Why buy an edger, and then a broom, and then a brush cutter, and so on, when you can buy a multi-use machine that can handle it all by swapping attachments. Your crews will be ready to take on whatever comes their way, year round.

2. They save businesses time.
By switching attachments, our machines can change with the seasons and go from one task to the next quickly and conveniently. Plus, TURF TEQ machines’ powerful engine and easy-to-reach controls equal time-savings, too. These features help workers get jobs done more quickly than they could with other machines on the market.

They also cut down maintenance time. Rather than having to change engine oil, check fluids, and put air in the tires of multiple machines, you have just one machine to service.

3. They save valuable space.
A garage, shed, or trailer can fill up quickly when it has to store many different pieces of landscaping equipment. And we would be remiss if we didn’t mention the hassle of loading and unloading machines! Our multi-use machines alleviate that issue. Rather than storing multiple machines, you need only worry about having space for one complete machine and several attachments. Problem solved!

The Decision to Choose TURF TEQ Multi-Use Machines Is As Easy As 1-2-3
With three benefits that can help your business operate more productively and cost-effectively, TURF TEQ’s multi-use system is a clear choice. To learn more, contact us today!

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