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Videos: See For Yourself How Simple The TURF TEQ Power Edger Makes Landscaping Tasks

Why make landscaping and groundskeeping tasks more difficult and time-consuming than they have to be? During this busy season, having the right commercial landscaping equipment on the job can reduce manual effort and boost efficiency.

Our commercial-grade bed edger, the Power Edger, helps crews complete their work faster, with more precision, and with less physical exertion. This means greater productivity and better profitability for your company.

Some of the tasks our multi-use Power Edger is perfect for include:

  • Opening flower beds
  • Redefining tree circles and flower beds
  • Trenching

Opening Flower Beds With The Power Edger
With its bed-opener blade, you can quickly open beds. The blade features carbide-tipped teeth that make short work of roots, rocks, and debris. You can see from this video how effortlessly you can create a bed in a matter of minutes!

Redefining Tree Circles And Flower Beds With The Power Edger
With the same power and precision as when opening beds, the Power Edger works exceptionally well when redefining existing beds. It enables crews to restore clean lines and renew beds’ curb appeal. See our Power Edger in action and imagine how it might increase your crew’s productivity this spring.

Trenching With The Power Edger
With several types of trenching blades (all with carbide-tipped teeth), the TURF TEQ Power Edge cuts through tough terrain and makes a perfect trench every time. Watch it in action!

Don’t Take Our Word For It
Landscapers love how the Power Edger helps make their jobs easier. But don’t just take our word for it, watch this testimonial from one of our satisfied customers.

Want to learn more?
We’ll be happy to give you more information about how the TURF TEQ Power Edger and other multi-use equipment can help you ace your spring jobs. Contact us for more information!

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