Spring Ahead of the Competition by Using Commercial Landscaping Equipment That Does the Job Better

The busy landscaping season is coming. Is your business prepared to meet the increased demand and customer expectations?

Now is the time to consider what equipment you need to do the job faster and better than anyone else.

With TURF TEQ commercial-grade landscaping equipment on the job, your business will gain an advantage over your competition this season and beyond. With multi-use flexibiltiy, you can go from one seasonal task to the next. This maximizes your equipment investment by allowing a single tractor unit to work with multiple easy-to-change attachments.

Our machines have a powerful Honda engine, differential lock, and variable speed transmission; they can handle even the toughest terrains. Your crew will fall in love with their easy-to-reach operator controls and self-propelled walk-forward design.

Read on to learn more about our full line of professional landscaping and grounds care machines.

Power Edger
Our reknowned commercial-grade landscape edger features an adjustable blade angle, nine blade profiles, and a blade depth of up to 7”. Best of all, it’s the only self-propelled, walking-forward bed opener on the market, and it works far more quickly than competing machines.

What can you do with it? Create new and redefine existing beds; edge sidewalks, paths, and tree circles; cut trenches—imagine the possibilities.

Power Broom
This commercial-grade power broom features include a pivoting, 46” wide/18” diameter brush and adjustable brush speed, pressure and angle.

What can you do with it? Clean snow and wintertime slush; sweep sand into pavers; remove debris from hardscapes and turf; level filler in artificial turf; clean up constructions sites; dethatch turf; brush off sidewalks, parking lots, and more.

Power Rake
Our commercial grade box rake, the Power Rake, features an adjustable 36-inch wide drum that pivots left or right to windrow debris. Rake rocks; renovate lawns and rework dead grass areas; level high spots; mix soil; dethatch turf—and that’s just the short list of what you can do with the Power Rake.

Brush Cutter
Move over Billy Goat, our commercial brush mower features a 10-gauge steel cutting deck that shifts 14” to the left on our multi-use model, a 26” blade, and adjustable mowing height (2.75” to 3.75”), side discharge path, and replaceable, skids.

What can you do with it? Mow heavy vegetation; mow around trees and under fence lines; clear trails and wooded areas—and that’s only the beginning!

Make Every Season Successful.
Spring, summer, fall, and winter–you can help boost your landscaping business’s profitability by putting our professional grade landscaping equipment to work for you. Get jobs done quicker and with more precision—without increasing labor costs. Contact us today to learn more!

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