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How to Maximize Productivity With Snow Removal Equipment

For any business that performs snow removal in the winter, the process can be labor intensive and inefficient. So if you’re looking to increase snow removal efficiency and productivity, TURF TEQ offers machines that will allow you to get more work done faster with less manpower.

Not all snow removal equipment is created equally. So there are a number of factors you should consider when looking to purchase new snow removal equipment that will help maximize winter snow contract productivity and increase your bottom line.

3 Ways to Maximize Productivity This Winter 

Minimize Damage on the Jobsite
Nothing can kill your productivity more than having to fix chipped curbs, dinged cobblestones and mangled grass when spring rolls around. And if you have to spend extra time or money on a jobsite doing costly repairs, you will wish you had snow removal machines that don’t leave damage in their wake. Not only do TURF TEQ’s Power Broom and Power Plow work quickly, but they also won’t damage the underlying surface.

Our Power Broom has thick bristles that sweep away snow and slush without damaging the surface. While our Power Plow has a spring-loaded blade that will give way before chipping curbs or sidewalks, and it has adjustable plow feet to hold the plow edge slightly above the surface.

Get More Work Done Faster
Time is money, and TURF TEQ machines are incredibly efficient at removing snow. They have a ground speed of 4.5 mph – which allows you and your crews to get more work done at a faster pace. The speed of our Power Broom and Power Plow make getting through a jobsite a breeze, which means you’ll get to more jobsites in less time, maximizing profitability in the process. When it comes to sidewalks and walkways, the Power Broom is perhaps the fastest option – far outperforming snow blowers, hand-shoveling, and other similar machines.

Clear Snow Right Down to the Surface
It can be a huge time waster if you have to make multiple passes with a machine that doesn’t do the job right the first time. TURF TEQ snow removal equipment clears snow right down to the surface of most materials – even cobblestone and brick surfaces. This means you don’t have to waste time following along with a second pass using hand shovels or brooms and it helps reduce salt usage. When your machine leaves a perfectly clear surface behind, your crews can move onto the next job faster.

Ready to learn more?
Looking for professional-grade snow removal machines that will help your business maximize snow removal productivity and profitability? Contact us today to learn more about how TURF TEQ equipment can do just that! Our snow removal experts are standing by, and we look forward to hearing from you!

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