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Video: Multi-Use vs. Dedicated-Use Edger Comparison

If you’re a landscaping professional looking to replace or upgrade your current edger, TURF TEQ offers two high-quality, long-lasting options: our Model 1304 Dedicated-Use Edger and Model 1305 Multi-Use Edger. While these two machines are very similar as they are both designed to replace pull-backwards edgers, they differ in their available blade attachments, multi-use flexibility and drive system. 

Think about what you’re looking to get from this machine in order to make the right investment for your business. While the Model 1304 is a more budget-friendly option, it is limited in its attachments and the types of blades it can use. On the other hand, the Model 1305 is higher in price, but you gain two additional blades, including our grooming blade and sidewalk edging blade, as well as the ability to swap out to other attachments such as our Power Rake, Power Broom or Power Brush Cutter.

See a comparison of these two professional-grade edgers in the video below and learn more about the features and benefits that set these machines apart from the rest! If you have questions about our commercial landscaping equipment or you’d like pricing for your operation, contact our friendly team today. We’re excited for you to learn about the TURF TEQ advantage!

If you’re ready to learn more about our professional-grade edgers and how these machines can help you boost productivity from season to season, contact us today to discuss which machine is best-suited for your business. Our grounds care experts are standing by to answer your questions and help you select the right edger to help you get ahead this season.

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