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The Power Rake – A Powerful Tool!

RakeOur Power Rake can sometimes be a misunderstood tool. What can I use it for? How will it benefit my property? What makes it different than other power rakes on the market? Read on for a few answers!

What Can I Use It For?

The Power Rake is great for seed bed preparation, lawn prep, and any and all heavy-duty raking applications. Many home builders and contractors use it for fine grading around a project before seeding, and landscapers use it to aerate lawns and sod. Most of all, our Power Rake is best at forcing difficult dirt, soil and aggregate to lay nicely. It is powerful enough to smooth and rake just about anything!

How Will It Benefit My Property?

One of the most important aspects of this machine is its ability to be used on lawns and turf without damaging the existing ground cover. Although it is a really powerful machine, and it can be used on tough projects, it won’t damage lawns and grass. Use our power rake to help cut in sod, break up lumps of dirt and even grade topsoil on existing lawns. The size, shape and pressure of our power raking drum allows this machine to do its job without harming existing lawns. This is a pretty important consideration, and it is something that other competing products just can’t match.

What Makes It Different Than Other Power Rakes?

Tractor and skid-steer rakes can be unwieldy, and they can have trouble maneuvering around tight spaces. Our Power Rake is fitted to a walk-behind tractor that can go where these other machines can’t. It can be used easily and safely on steep grades, and it has a very tight turning radius compared to other competing products. Best of all, the TURF TEQ power rake features multi-use flexibility. That means that it is available as both a stand-alone machine, and as an attachment that will work with any of our other multi-use machines. Simply swap attachments to turn your multi-use rake into a broom, edger, plow and more!

If you’re interested in learning more about this unique piece of professional grounds care equipment, please contact us today. We look forward to telling you all about it and sharing examples of how the Power Rake can handle even the toughest challenges!

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