The Advantages of Multi-Use Professional Landscaping Equipment

Having the right equipment means everything when you’re in the professional grounds care industry. At TURF TEQ, we understand that. That’s precisely why we’ve developed a line of robust, multi-use professional landscaping equipment that performs a variety of functions.


When you’ve got a job to do, who has time to deal with the logistics and headaches of using multiple machines? Our multi-use professional landscaping equipment has several advantages over single-purpose equipment. Read on to learn more!

What Benefits Can You Expect From TURF TEQ Multi-Use Landscaping Equipment?

1. VersatilityMulti-use machines offer versatility and convenience. By simply adding or changing attachments, your fleet of machines can adjust to the needs of the changing seasons and changing job priorities. For example, your Power Edger can become a Power Plow or your Power Rake can become a Power Broom, and more. With TURF TEQ equipment, you’ll discover a wide variety of combinations to suit your particular business needs.

2. Save money—Rather than incurring the expense of purchasing multiple pieces of costly equipment, you can add cost-effective attachments to the main tractor unit to accomplish a variety of tasks. Having several machines rolled into one keeps costs down and productivity high.

3. Easier upkeep—Because you only have a single engine and transmission to service, you’ll have less maintenance to worry about. And with today’s ethanol fuel requiring that your equipment be used at least a few times a season, the ability to use a single engine for multiple tasks can prevent costly repairs from spoiled gas. Even better, our hydrostatic transmission is maintenance free – meaning you’ll never have to change your transmission fluid. These benefits help save dollars, and they make “cents” too.

TURF TEQ’s durable, multi-use machines are built for professionals who want to do the best job, boost productivity, and make more money. Contact us to learn more about how our multi-use professional grounds care equipment can benefit your business.

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