8 Must-Have Features To Look For In A Commercial-Grade Power Rake

A power box rake is an essential piece of equipment in your collection of commercial landscaping tools. When choosing one for your business, realize that not all power rakes are made equally well.

Ultimately, your business’s reputation and profitability can be affected by the quality of the equipment you buy, so it’s critical to put some thought into selecting the right raking tool.

Below are eight features to look for:

  1. Heavy-duty Drum that Pivots – for versatility and control
  2. Powerful Engine – to power through jobs
  3. Self-Propelled – to help alleviate manual effort
  4. Walk-forward Design – to boost efficiency and keep operators safe
  5. Operator-accessible Controls – for optimal control while the machine is in use
  6. Tight Turning Radius – to navigate tricky corners and confined areas
  7. Hydrostatic Transmission with Variable Speed and Locking Differential – to make short work of slopes and rough terrain
  8. Multi-use – save maintenance time and costs by using a single engine and transmission for multiple job types

How Do The TURF TEQ Power Rake’s Features Stack Up?
The TURF TEQ Power Rake has every single feature mentioned above! It is available as a complete multi-use machine or as an attachment that works with our other multi-use machines. With its commercial-grade Honda GXV390 engine, controls conveniently accessible from the operator’s position, heavy-duty 36-inch power rake drum that pivots left, right, and center, and more, it boosts productivity and delivers phenomenal results.

It’s perfect for dethatching turf, raking dirt and debris, leveling uneven soil areas, renovating lawns, and more.

Because it is a multi-use machine, there’s virtually no landscaping task it cannot accomplish. By simply changing attachments, the Power Rake becomes a Power Broom…and Power Edger…and Brush Cutter…and Power Plow in just minutes.

The Power Rake of Choice for Landscapers Who Want to Get the Job Done
Time is money, and the TURF TEQ Power Rake is made to help professional landscapers work faster and with less manpower. Want to run your business more efficiently and profitably? Contact us today to discuss how our multi-use Power Rake can help your business boost its bottom line.

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