Perfect Edging At Riding Mower Speed

Besides our self-propelled walking-forward Power Edger, TURF TEQ also makes edger attachments for two of the best riding lawn mower brands on the market.

With our dedication to quality and close relationships with these lawn care legends, our edger attachments for Walker mowers and edger attachments for Grasshopper mowers enable you to get optimal results.

The attachments work with most Grasshopper and Walker mowers, so anyone who uses and loves those brands can take advantage of their industry-leading edging technology.

Features Of Our Edger Attachments Made For Grasshopper And Walker Mowers

  • Edging speed of up to 450 feet per minute
  • PTOs driven by Grasshopper and Walker
  • Connect directly to the mower, so no adapter plates needed
  • No tools necessary to quickly turn your mower into an edger in 10 minutes

With these TURF TEQ edger attachments, you literally get cutting-edge capabilities with riding mower speed. What better way to define and contour perfect edges along flowerbeds, tree circles, and more?

These attachments can save you valuable time, reducing manual effort and increasing productivity in the process.

Contact us to learn more today about how TURF TEQ’s innovative landscaping and grounds care equipment can boost your efficiency.

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